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So what jobs will the future bring?On the 20th December the Town of Bassendean received a construction and activity notice to advise that the telecommunications network infrastructure forming part of the National Broadband (NBN) will commence 30th December 2016.

This will be first apparent in the Eden Hill area and I’ve had a call already this morning (9 Jan) confirming that indeed the crew are on site and getting the job done!!!

NBN have outlined the following anticipated impact to the verge adjacent to residential properties caused by the works and the proposed remediation works that will be undertaken:


  • Limited disturbance to ground surfaces such as footpaths, grass road verge and sandy soils.
  • Slight disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows due to small crews working to install the telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Minor noise and dust generation.
  • Short term restriction to property access.


  • Construction to be confined to footways and established telecommunication alignments.
  • Contractors will follow all applicable industry standards in the installation of its facilities.
  • Care and appropriate precautions taken at all times to ensure public safety.
  • Reinstatement of all road surfaces and pathways to a condition that is similar to its condition before the activity began.
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  1. Is the Town of Bassendean eligible for FTTC (aka FTTdp) as opposed to the FTTN solution implied in previous articles on this website? FTTN will leave Bassendean as an internet backwater and will not do anything to encourage business to the town. FTTC will at least leave the option of having future upgrade options for the FDA or individuals to FTTP.

    NBNCo have the Technology Choice Program (http://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home-or-business/technology-choice-program.html). Has the Town of Bassendean made any enquiries to NBNCo as to the indicative costs for having FTTP (or as a backup option FTTC) installed instead of FTTN (and can we know what the reply was ?)

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      NBN assessed the telecommunications infrastructure and considered Fibre to the Node as the most economic and expedient solution to roll out the NBN. The political and the financial arguments remain about FTTN but the Town has limited resources to absorb additional costs to implement the FTTC roll out model. However, I will make this enquiry for you and pass on their reply. But of course, as mentioned, since the construction has now commenced this will further impact on our options to make changes.

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      HI Robin,

      NBN have come back to the Town and confirm the points I made concerning the FTTN and FTTC. They also make the point the none of the solution choices made to date (by NBN and/or the Town) diminish our options for implementing upgrades and improvements at a later date.

  2. I agree with Robin that an application costing $1,100 for a Fibre Distribution Area Switch estimate should be completed then the TOB (and Bassendean businesses) will know what the cost will be to provide true broadband to businesses and residents. Council could then consider what budget changes could be made to complete/contribute to FTTP/FTTC. If the TOB did a survey of business and residents it might even find that the many would contribute to this extra cost.
    Colin Chapman

  3. It would be great if we could get insight into the costs for FTTC as every other new deployment is doing FTTC!

    It appears Bassendean is stuck with FTTN as the interim solution. We all saw this happening… but apparently powerless to make change. It was great to have remained on the deployment schedule (albeit, very late) – however at the detriment to the optimal solution. The options available were raised prior to works beginning and can be seen as commentary to older blog posts on this website.

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