What Sole Traders Must Consider When Thinking Of Expanding

What Sole Traders Must Consider When Thinking Of Expanding

Across the world, and certainly in Australia, some of the household names we know as huge corporate companies started life as just one person operating as a sole trader. Apple was started in a garage and Virgin’s embryonic existence consisted of Richard Branson selling magazines to students. The key point is that being a sole trader should never be considered as a negative in the business world, especially as commercial law provides options to expand and grow.

A key advantage of being a sole trader is that you are answerable to nobody. You are the sole proprietor and so do not have a board or shareholders you have to keep happy. Sole trading is relatively simple in terms of administration and in complying with commercial and taxation law. However, there are disadvantages, with the main ones being you are personally responsible for any debt which accrues and that includes the risk of your personal assets being sold to pay for them.

Let is us stick with positivity and the possibility that your sole trader business is successful, grows significantly, and you get to the stage where you consider changing from being a sole trader to a partnership, or a company with help from Culshaw Miller Lawyers.


Sustainable Office

7 Ideas for a Sustainable Office

Business owners across Australia and the world are transitioning to sustainable operations to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Even small businesses like digital marketing agencies with apparently negligible environmental impacts can make minor changes to become more eco-friendly. And they aren’t hard to do!

Unfortunately, though, a lot of people avoid implementing sustainable office strategies because they simply don’t know how to. In the rest of this article, I’ve explored seven of my favourite ideas for making your office more sustainable. They include:

  1. Encourage Keep-Cups and Reusable Water Bottles

Many offices have some sort of water cooler, complete with plastic or styrofoam cups. While this is very convenient, it’s also a great way to add to the amount of waste your office sends to landfill. Think about removing all single-use cups and other items from the office and encourage your employees to bring their own reusable alternatives instead.

  1. Reduce Printing

Printing is one of the major contributors to office waste. Luckily, though, the days of having to print everything and file hard copies are long gone. There are numerous highly-secure online storage tools available now, which means you can store sensitive documents online without a worry in the world.

  1. Turn off Devices at Night

Ask yourself this: Is there any point leaving things on at night when no one is in the office?

The chances are that your answer will be no – of course it isn’t. Save electricity by turning off as many devices and lights as possible at the end of every day.


Hiring An SEO Agency

The Advantages Of Hiring An SEO Agency

If you are a business owner, and your business has a website, you probably already know that if that website is to be of any benefit to you, it needs to rank highly on Google, and the other search engines. You may also be aware that the way that is achieved is with SEO best practices.

While most business owners know WHAT needs to happen, very few of them know HOW to make it happen.  That is why the clever ones turn to an SEO agency and hire them to do all the SEO work for them.

If you are considering doing likewise it may help you to know, that while better search engine ranking are certainly an important benefit of using an SEO agency, there are other advantages that their work can provide you and your business.

The first advantage might be regarded as a personal one but it does have benefits for your business too, The fact that you employ an outside agency to do your SEO means you are free to get on with what you are good at and that is running your business.

It is no secret that following SEO trends can be a time-consuming process, which means you would have less time to do other work, plus trying to take care of each element of it yourself, can be stressful.

An SEO team will likely have experts with individual knowledge and therefore no single person has the weight of expectation on them. which you would have, were you trying to go it alone.

Next, we need to look at the cost involved with hiring an SEO agency versus trying to do it yourself. Obviously. an agency will cost you a fee and to some that might seem like a negative but let us consider that.


3 Things To Consider When Developing A Digital Marketing Strategy

If you don’t have a clear digital marketing strategy for your business, you need to get one. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is or how much you spend on marketing each year, the chances of succeeding without a clear strategy are small.

However, it can be hard to develop a clear, well-defined digital marketing strategy including your Google Ads campaign, if you don’t know what you’re doing. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of the three most important things to consider when you’re developing a new digital marketing strategy for your business or website. They include:

  1. Think Carefully About Your Target Audience

It’s extremely important to make sure that you’re thinking very carefully about your target audience when you’re developing a new digital marketing strategy. Identify the people and groups of people who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

Although this can be a little difficult to begin with, it’s worth spending the time to get right. Knowing your audience will help you create highly targeted advertising campaigns with a decent return on investment.

  1. Don’t Confine Yourself To A Single Marketing Stream

Similarly, you need to think carefully about what sort of digital marketing you’re going to use. There are numerous options available, including:

  • Social media marketing, which includes both paid advertising and organic networking via your business’s page or profile.
  • Search engine optimization, or SEO, which is a great way to drive organic visitors to your website. Although it can be expensive at first, SEO is usually a good long term investment.
  • Ads marketing, which basically involves paying for your business result to appear at the top of the search engine results page for specific search terms or on specific websites related to your niche.