Customers behaviour with digital technology . . . . . . .

  1. DigBiz Shop sqI can find information instantly… I can do it anywhere, anytime…
  2. I want it now…but decide in my own time. I will say no!
  3. I am busy… but I check things out… and I will walk away.
  4. I buy when I am ready…you don’t sell… I make my own decisions.
  5. I want you to listen to me…I switch allegiance…quickly and easily.
  6. I ignore online advertising (92%)*… but look for third party reviews and ratings!
  7. I talk to others…and complain to them if something goes wrong.

The Customer has changed how are you responding? The free Digital Workshops in the Bassendean Library started on Thursday and will continue through to February 2015

Look for the details here and ensure you can respond effectively to the change in customer behaviour.

*Adobe Research 2013

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