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NBN Aug 16

Ken Cardy, A/Director Asset Services and Andreea-Mihaela Balica, Engineering Technician on the streets of Eden Hill with the first Node Pack checking potential locations for NBN Nodes

Many residents and business owners have recently asked how the roll out is going.

The short answer is, the roll out is on schedule and will commence in the last quarter of this year and should be complete by the middle of next year.

NBN met with the Town on Wednesday 17 August and the Town received the first of the Node Packs.  The Node Packs show the preferred locations across the Town for the distribution cabinets (or nodes) and the engineers of the Town take these packs and make sure no other services or proposed plans will affect them.  Once this is complete, residences near the cabinets are contacted to let them know there may be NBN infrastructure going up near them.

And then, in and around October you will begin to see the work teams turning up with massive rolls of yellow cable and feeding it into the conduits under the streets of Eden Hill, Ashfield and Bassendean.

It’s not premature to start getting excited!  I’m sure many of you will have lots of questions. Feel free to post them here and share with all local businesses and residents. Or take a look at the NBN site here which is full of FAQ’s and can answer most questions.

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  1. Are there any estimates of download speeds if we get the copper connection to our homes? How much will it cost and will there be any difference from our current copper connection?

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      Hi Bev,

      The Nodes or cabinets referred to indicate the end point of optic fibre. The connections from the cabinets to every residence is via copper wires. These are the same copper wires which are in the ground now.

      When all the fibre is in place you will receive notification from your current retailer telling you the new optic fibre connection is available. The retail suppliers are Telstra, iinet, Optus, TPG and many more. Currently we have just the one speed available to us, with the optic fibre in place, the retailer will set out a scale of speeds available to you at different prices. You have the say of how much you are willing to pay for the speed you want. The retailers have already created new price schedules for customers that have the optic fibre. The prices vary between retail providers exactly like they do now between iinet or Telstra or Optus etc. The cost to residents is in the hands of the retail supplier. NBN are wholesalers only and we, as residents will only deal with retailers.

      There will be a transition period of around two years where residents can delay transferring to a new connection agreement/schedule.

      Working through the price agreement you have with your retailer you can expect significant increase in the speed of internet connection. Currently the average speed of internet connections ranges between 3-4mbs to 10mbs. When the optic fibre is connected we can expect between 25mbs and 40-50mbs.

  2. Thank you for the update.
    1. When do the engineers anticipate completion of the Node Packs locations assessment?
    2. Will the Node Pack map locations be made available once complete? If so, a link would be appreciated.

    • Town of Bassendean  |  


      The Node Packs will be completed in the next couple of weeks. They’re not being released for general public, but only to agencies that are impacted/ that need to be informed about them. Residences and/or businesses in the vicinity of every node will be contacted directly.

      • Why is there no intention to release the node map to the public? Surely this should be possible through a FOI process – given we will all be “impacted” by the node location in terms of achievable speeds etc wouldn’t this qualify us for this information?

        • Town of Bassendean  |  

          The position or location of a cabinet only affects the people who might park a car there or affect customers having access to a business etc. The location has no relevance to the speed achieved for the 200 odd premises that feed off it and has no importance to people further up or down the street. Accordingly, the NBN will be advising the landowners/tenants in the immediate vicinity of the cabinet.

          • Wrong, if people wish to have fibre to the home rather than to the node then location of the node is important as it will impact the price.

  3. Are there any options for residents/businesses to privately fund full connection to the premises rather than the node while the NBN is being rolled out through the area? Has this been considered by the Town much like the funding model for the roll-out of the underground power project?

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      In answer to your first question, the short answer is yes. It is possible to have optic fibre installed to the premises. The NBN advised us that this request is often asked. However, their response is always to wait until the premises are connected via the node and then assess the new level of speed. In virtually all cases the customers are more than satisfied and do not seek to have optic fibre to the premises. The NBN further advised that there is no saving to the roll out cost to get the fibre to the premises if you have it done during the initial roll out or if it is done at a later date.
      In consideration of upgrading the connection on a whole suburb level like the undergrounding of power, this has not been considered. The undergrounding of power cables is heavily subsidised by the State Government. Only if a similar scheme was proposed by the State Government would it be feasible for the Local Government to support it.

  4. According to nbn’s Three-Year Construction Plan published in October last year, I have noticed that the FSA for Bassendean (6BSD) would cover many of the Town’s suburb except for Bayswater. I live in the residential/industrial side of Bayswater east of Tonkin Highway that is adjacent to Ashfield. I’ve gone through many other websites to know more about this and some sites would say that the roll-out plan would include Bayswater. How true is this?

    • Town of Bassendean  |  


      The roll outs are not aligned to suburb borders or Council borders. They are only aligned to the engineering footprint as this has been found to be the most efficient way to get the job done. The boundary for the Bassendean roll out runs along the Tonkin Hwy, except south of the intersection with Guildford road where it extends further west into Bayswater. If you’re premises lies east of the Tonkin you are included in the roll out now. I hope this helps you.

        • Town of Bassendean  |  

          HI, Apologies for not acknowledging your query. From the data supplied to the Town of Bassendean, your address falls outside of the current rollout. It appears the rollout is east of a line extending along Anzac Street and Clavering Street and your address is west of that line. However, if you want to get a definite answer, please refer to NBN directly.

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      Yes, but only in that part of Morley which is east of Tonkin Hwy. That is east of the Tonkin Hwy and south of Blackboy Way/ Wandoo Rd.

  5. Such a shame that the Town of Bassendean is getting the 2nd rate NBN where all of the problems associated with copper will still be present (water ingress, corrosion, power surges etc etc). Glad I am on a fibre to the premises connection in a new development in the City of Swan.

    • You’re lucky being able to reap the benefits early while the mainstream populus grasps the reality of our future requirements. Hopefully endpoint locations to support 5G and the IOT storm can be accommodated with the fibre deployment design…

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      HI, Parts of Beechboro are included in the current roll out – The small section west of Altone Park and South of Amazon Drive. BUt you should contact NBN directly with your address and they should give you accurate information.

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      According to the information supplied to the Town, Bluegum Road is outside of the rollout for this area. To get an indication of when you can expect the NBN for your area please contact NBN directly.

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      regretfully, here in ToB we don’t have information on the roll out for the Morley Activity Centre. You need to ask NBN directly.

  6. Hi has any actual progress started yet in base dean or Eden hill on the nbn? I have seen no nbn co cars around yet nor any witches cones signifying nodes. Are we behind in schedule due to complications in other western suburbs ? Also is the white pvc plumbing posts with blue spray paint on the tip signify fibre cabling or water mains piping?

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      No news at all from NBN to the Town. Perhaps no news is good news? I will enquire. As for the white pvc pipes – don’t think they’re to do with NBN. I’ll endeavour to find out what they’re all about.

      • At the moment FTTN installation Australia wide appear to be behind schedule (however NBNCo just adjusts the schedule so that they are still “on time”!)

        It would appear that problems with installation on the old and failing copper infrastructure and also endeavouring to sort out issues after cut-over to FTTN are the major causes of delay.

        …. I don’t think there is much good news other than the longer installation is delayed the more likely that CVC prices (currently $15.75) will fall to a level where ISPs can afford more than 1Mbps per end user…… and that is causing massive peak congestion at the moment.

        • Town of Bassendean  |  

          We can’t confirm or deny your views there, but in correspondence received on 2 November, NBN advise that over the last couple of months they have carried out Conduit proving with rod & roping activity, Pit and manhole validation and Telstra pillar validation. The finalised node locations have been forwarded to the Town to identify any potential complications or impediments to the rollout and notification letters have been mailed to properties adjacent to all proposed Node locations, advising that should they have any queries or significant issues to contact the nbn Contact Centre.

    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      From the information that we have Challenger Ave is included in this roll out. You should therefore be linked into the NBN by the middle of 2017.

  7. It has been 3 months since the last update. Could you please release a new update.
    Basically, when will nodes start being installed? Is there a list of suburbs that will get nodes over December, January and February?

  8. The first area within the Bassendean POI (point of interconnect) has now appeared on this list…


    It now lists 6BSD-09 with a RFS (ready for service) date of 07-Dec-2017 on the expected RFS tab.

    The bad news is the 6BSD-09 SAM is only some of Beechboro,Caversham,Lockridge

    The other SAMs
    6BSD-01 Bassendean (WA),Guildford (WA),South Guildford
    6BSD-10 Bassendean (WA), Beechboro, Eden Hill & Lockridge
    6BSD-11 West Swan
    6BSD-20 Bassendean (WA), Bayswater (WA), Eden Hill & Morley
    6BSD-21 Ashfield (WA), Bassendean (WA) & Bayswater (WA)
    6BSD-22 Kiara & Morley
    6BSD-23 Beechboro

    are yet to be listed – and that probably means RFS early/mid 2018.

    The above wholesale list is provided to Telstra by NBNCo – Telstra wholesale publish it each Friday morning – it is the definitive list of rollout dates – so worth checking each Friday – or check the Whirlpool thread posted above – we will comment as soon as any of the above SAMs (Service Area Modules) are listed with a RFS date.

    The above indicates a delay of at least 6 months – possibly more.


    • Town of Bassendean  |  

      The NBN advise that while they work collaboratively with Telstra they are separate and distinct companies. Accordingly, the information that Telstra offer and chose to publish about the optic fibre roll out is not necessarily 100% accurate or endorsed by NBN.

      The following disclaimer is on the Telstra web site:
      The Ready For Service dates set out in the attached Disconnection Schedule (and other dates published by Telstra in relation to the disconnection of copper services) are determined based on dates notified to Telstra by NBN Co under the Definitive Agreements and are subject to change by NBN Co at any time. The Forecast Ready For Service dates published in this Disconnection Schedule are therefore made on a ‘best efforts’ basis only and provide an indicative view only of the rollout timing and Disconnection Schedule.

      Telstra does not warrant or represent that the dates set out in the Disconnection Schedule are current or free from errors or omission.
      Given this, the Disconnection Dates and other dates (particularly where these appear other than in the format dd/mm/yyyy, or which are listed as an “Expected” date) on the page are only indicative and should not be relied on as final timelines.

      For up-to-date information in relation to the timing of the NBN rollout, interested parties should contact NBN Co directly.
      As these schedules will be updated periodically, you should check this page regularly. If you would like to receive updates, you can subscribe to RSS Feeds for this page.

      The data shown in the document you have seen is not 100% accurate. Small delays of a few weeks have occurred in a couple of the SAM’s but that is all.

      NBN therefore advise for accurate information about the NBN roll out direct your questions to the nbn customer contact centre 1800 687 626 and you will receive the most accurate and up to date information.

      • All fine and good….. not that I believe what they have told you.

        If you ring the number they provided they refer you to the web address via IVR.
        If you go to the web address and enter details here in Bassendean you get “The rollout of the nbn™ network has not started in this area”…. which is a real surprise.

        I’ll take the Telstra information any day over the little NBN are actually providing (and the Telstra information usually proves to be correct – disclaimers aside).

  9. Update…..

    We are now on the NBNCo website!

    The rollout of the nbn™ network is planned in this area
    Planned availability: Oct-Dec 2017*.

    Network rollout information is updated weekly. Rollout areas and boundaries are subject to change as construction planning is finalised.

    So we have gone from “Building Preparation” in March this year back to “planned” (not even in preparation as yet).

    Those Telstra wholesale dates are looking very realistic.


    • I hope some of these fixed wireless providers such as Node1 get further coverage in Ashfield (so trees aren’t in the way). Because I know of people on Fibre to the Premise who are very unhappy with the service and speed they are getting, and they are the lucky ones! I hope fibre to the node service is going to exceed the rumours!

  10. Further update

    Other SAMs now added to the list

    6BSD-01 Bassendean (WA),Guildford (WA),South Guildford
    6BSD-10 Bassendean (WA), Beechboro, Eden Hill & Lockridge
    6BSD-20 Bassendean (WA), Bayswater (WA), Eden Hill & Morley
    6BSD-22 Kiara & Morley

    All with an expected ready for service date of 30-Dec-2017

    So (if on schedule) early 2018 for connection as providers only do emergency works between Christmas and the New Year.

  11. We now have 6BSD-21 Ashfield (WA), Bassendean (WA) & Bayswater (WA) added with a RFS date of 9 January 2018

    Only 6BSD-11 West Swan to be added (probably next week with a RFS date of 16 January 2018


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