Measuring Your Online Success

digital metrics You know your web site is a digital shop and like a real bricks and mortar shop you want to know who is visiting, who has been looking around and showing an interest in your stuff.

Web metrics tells you all you need to know.

And once you know who has been looking and where they’ve come from you can make improvements to your web site to turn those lookies from just looking to actually buying something.

  • This session will provide you with the tools to measure the success of your online efforts.
  • You will learn to determine what kind of information you would like to collect from your online customers
  • Practical tools explained include Google Analytics and the key metrics designed to measure the overall number of visitors to your site, their geographic location, how they found you and the all-important ‘bounce rate’.

Make sure you’re there:

  • Venue: Bassendean Memorial Library
  • Date & Time:     Thursday, 12 February 20155.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Cost:      FREE* (this workshop is funded by the Australian Government Dept of Communications)
  • Registration: Here
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