Digital Impact

Digital ImpactHow much is Digital Technology impacting on our lives and on Commercial activity in particular?

Take a look at the graphic (Courtesy-John Sheridan, Digital Business Insights) which shows so well how since 2010 the technology has encroached and affected virtually everything we do in our daily lives.

And when the ABS announces that 8% of retail is online and analysis from Ayaz Nanji of what we’re buying turned up:

  • Consumer electronics – 69%
  • Books – 67%
  • Clothing and Apparel – 63%
  • Household goods – 38%
  • Office supplies – 30%

And another survey from PWC found as follows:

  • Consumer Electronics – 62%
  • Clothing and apparel – 61%
  • Books and magazines – 52%
  • Recreational goods – 47%
  • Pharmaceuticals – 31%

It is time to look at how your business is responding to Digital.

Conveniently, there is a Digital Biz Workshop happening (for Free) in the Library on Thursday’s. This Thursday (1`1 December) is devoted to the business web site. Follow the links to register.

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